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Mk2 steering

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Re: Mk2 steering wheel spline

Post26 Dec 2017 07:56

Anybody know if Morris or Minis have the same splines? I want to mount my racy steering wheel on something to fit but don't want to destroy my original wheel.

Keith Bennett

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Re: Mk2 steering

Post26 Dec 2017 09:18

'morning greenfarina. No doubt you'll get a response on here from folk who knows about these things, but as was mentioned earlier in this article, don't forget that the A40 Farina's woeful turning circle is the clue to why the car needs that over-large steering wheel. A smaller, race wheel will look really nice but you'll end up with muscles like a weightlifter as you crank the new wheel round more times.

(Ironically, at least your right-hand's knuckles will be safe from the curse of summer motoring in these cars - an open quarterlight is exactly in the right place to be skinned as you turn the original wheel!)
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Graham Bish

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Re: Mk2 steering

Post28 Dec 2017 11:49

Moto-Build keep mountney in stock for A35 racing which also fits A40. The original part number is MB 004. Splines are different to other BMC products.

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