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Colour Identity

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Re: Colour Identity

Post23 Oct 2015 22:47

Is that membership details I filled in (completely unreliable) or are you looking up something via the reg?

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Mike Hodgson

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Re: Colour Identity

Post24 Oct 2015 08:51

DVLA ------- red
M/ship ------ Agate red
Mike H.

dave the rave

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Re: Colour Identity

Post24 Oct 2015 09:20

Mike Hodgson wrote:Extract from the later Mk2 colour chart--------

"The second colour in duotone applies to the roof panel in each case.There is no extra charge for Duotone,which will be supplied unless monotone colour is specified at the time of ordering"

Ah.........i sit corrected :D

Keith Bennett

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Re: Colour Identity

Post30 Oct 2015 19:08

Membership details? Membership details? My brilliant brain tells me that means you've joined our little Club - a warm welcome and thanks so much for supporting us!

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