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1966 A40 Farina gear stick

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Paul m

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1966 A40 Farina gear stick

Post13 Mar 2016 01:28

I have just purchased a Rally Prepared A40 but I am finding the gear stick has a very long throw

So I am looking for a spare gear stick so I can get it modified to a quick shift

the last time I drove a A40 was 46 years ago so it could take some getting used to

Keith Bennett

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Re: 1966 A40 Farina gear stick

Post13 Mar 2016 10:36

Paul, welcome to the forums and thanks indeed for rescuing an A40. Don't worry about driving the old bird after such a long time - they are very forgiving machines and, with a wheel pretty much at each corner, tend to be very forgiving of, um, enthusiastic driving.

And while a shorter gearstick might theoretically shorten the time between changes, I think the original design was adopted because sometimes those gearboxes take exception to being hurried. Happily we have a number of inmates on here with considerably more race experience than me, so sit back and wait for their Words of Wisdom!
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Mike Hodgson

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Re: 1966 A40 Farina gear stick

Post13 Mar 2016 15:04

Many years ago I fitted a AH Sprite gear lever to an A35 we were running at the time . A little shorter than the A35 stick.
Mike H.


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Re: 1966 A40 Farina gear stick

Post13 Mar 2016 18:28

Hi Paul, welcome lets see some photos here's mine. Ron.
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Re: 1966 A40 Farina gear stick

Post13 Mar 2016 21:35

you can fit a midget stick
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