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New member going to need some help

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New member going to need some help

Post30 Aug 2016 19:19

Hi, we my brother & I have just volunteered to get an A40 back on the road following basically a snatch back from restoration that was not happening, the car was on the road a few years ago after having a rebuild to do some classic racing for a family member, midget front end fitted, rear brakes etc sorted , a hot 1275 & midget gear box sourced & fitted, there it stopped. We now have a short time frame to get it back on the road , the boot is full of bits don't know if all the bits are there won't know until we go through it the weekend. I do know we need a door handle n/s and front seats (got nasty 205gti in at the moment) We have done a lot of mini's racing & road, but never one of these. When we have worked out what we have & have not got no doubt we will be asking all sorts of silly questions but any advice would be welcome.


Keith Bennett

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Re: New member going to need some help

Post01 Sep 2016 18:46

Fear not, we specialise in silly answers to silly questions! And they are always accurate... Thanks very much for volunteering to rescue a defunct A40. These little cars are actually becoming a rare sight on the UK roads (or anywhere else for that matter).

When you say "new member" I guess you mean a member of the site, not of the Club. I can really, really recommend you splashing out on our very low annual subscription if only because you then get access to our spares hoard, which include several re-manufactured items of bodywork like sealing rubbers and hand-made body panels which are made to an extremely high standard. Just a thought...
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Re: New member going to need some help

Post01 Sep 2016 19:42

good thought mr K, ;)
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