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Post09 Nov 2016 11:34

Updated club-spares info from Derek, our spares secretary. ( 24-06-16 ).

In 2011 the club started providing spares directly to members. Prior to then our club members had to buy the parts they needed from private traders and no profits ever benefitted the club or were ploughed back into re-manufacture. With a desire to keep the membership renewal fee down to only £15 per year the club is grateful for our members' enthusiastic support of the spares scheme as it provides valuable extra income that makes ongoing sourcing and re-manufacture possible. Many parts, new and second hand, plus two complete cars have been donated and sold to raise more funds for the spares fund.

Historically the club had provided replacement rear screen rubbers for both Saloon and Countryman models. However, prior to the change in spares distribution, even these items were becoming difficult to fund due to increased costs caused by more stringent manufacturing Health & Safety requirements. Money generated by early sales of donated spares enabled the club to purchase the extra tooling required and ensure supply of these essential items into the future.

The club spares scheme has continued to expand over the years and is now probably the largest supplier of A40 Farina parts, currently holding over 1000 new and second hand items in stock. Members have benefitted in two ways - by being able to buy spares at advantageous prices and by profits being re-invested in the re-manufacture of the parts that we need to keep our cars on the road both now and in the future. Run by volunteers, our overheads are very low indeed compared with commercial organisations. A ‘wish list’ system is kept for currently difficult-to-source parts.


With the help of a skilled engineer, who is also a club member, tooling was produced to manufacture replacement window channels which had become virtually impossible to source. Over 40 sets have now been assembled, sold and distributed.

Another spares initiative was the sourcing of difficult to find reamers to allow us to recondition stub axles for both Mark 1 & Mark 2 cars. These are now available to members on an exchange basis along with replacement kingpins and other associated items.

Front and Mark 1 frame brake cylinders are now re-sleeved with stainless steel inserts and supplied with refurbished pistons and seals.

Servicing items are proving popular with high quality condensers and red (no rivet) rotor arms being supplied as standard.

The club now has an arrangement with a leading spring manufacturer to produce Mark 1 and Mark 2 rear springs at a 20% discount to members. A considerable amount of research has gone into the Mark 2 saggy rear spring problem and we now seem to have a solution.

The club spares scheme has had re-manufactured, and now sells:


Boot seal (made to correct original profile)

Front quarterlight seals (made as profiles and corner moulding)

Rear side window seals (made to correct original profile)

Rear screen seals (Saloon and Countryman)

Mark 2 headlight seals

Original pattern weather-strips


Made exclusively for the club by our suppliers (and available ‘off the shelf’)

Lower rear front wing repair sections

Saloon boot lid skins

Front skirts

Rear wing repair sections (currently underway)


The club helps and advises its members on any parts needed, and any problems are promptly and willingly responded to.

Derek Minter
A40 Farina Spares Co-ordinator...........Tel. 01628 673 472 or e-mail

This is now a locked topic. The A40 Farina Club spares scheme is exactly what it says..........for A40 club members.
Unfortunately, non-members are taking advantage of it.

If you have spares for sale, please contact Derek......details above. He may also accommodate a non-member for a one off purchase of spares. If you're in the process of joining our club, then it won't be a problem.


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