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Rust & Dust

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Rust & Dust

Post04 May 2017 23:28

Hi all first post for some time (sorry)

been out hacking away at my countryman tonight. The bulkhead is peppered plenty of rust and way too many grommets and holes so took action to do something about it, drilled out the spotwelds along the top and lower lips and up the two ends vertically and fought all the way with the flange inside the heater vent under the scuttle as its sandwiches between the scuttle panel and bulkhead panel. Unfortunately the welds across the top of the scuttle aren't all of the welds across that bracket and i made bit of a pig's ear getting it out in the end but any metal there can and will be repaired or replaced. I'm deleting the heater and smoothing as much of the firewall as i can, I will be fabricating my own panels with original beads and markings to look as if it left the factory and ill go sparingly on how many holes i place back into it to refrain from having too many grommets all over the shop just want it to be simplistic and tidy. The reason for deleting the heater is i'll be using a Spi later mini twin speed heater under the dash inside the car again because it'll be out the way and tidy up the engine bay a bit.

next step is to clean up all the rot and dirt on the bulkhead then ill make up some new metal and set about rebuilding what's currently missing :) Simples :roll: :lol:


dave the rave

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Re: Rust & Dust

Post05 May 2017 19:33

'Tis simples innit Frank. Cut grind weldy weldy. Just takes forever to do it properly.
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Re: Rust & Dust

Post06 May 2017 09:21

Looks like a through job, theres a lot of work involved in that area.
We did something similar on my A40 last year.
No heater to contend with though as it didn't have one fitted originally.
Paul T
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Re: Rust & Dust

Post08 May 2017 22:42

well done frank my man keep at it 8-)
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