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Dry and safe

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Dry and safe

Post17 May 2017 11:54

I lost my storage for Tucker, so now she is under a car cover on the drive. Bungee cords hold the cover on effectively but risk marking the bodywork. It is tipping down with rain today and the way the cover is clinging to the car makes me think it is showerproof, not waterproof. I clearly need to do something quickly to protect the poor old thing.

I cannot afford a garage at the moment but recall that Mike H had a folding garage. I wondered if he and other members have any recommendations or reviews on them. I am concerned about how they behave in high winds and how they behave with regard to condensation. When the A40 was with the last owner, the garage was 'improved' with uPVC windows and doors, effectively making it air tight and causing some deterioration in the car.

I have also wondered about building a shelter, using fence posts, fence panels and a polycarbonate roof (a freestanding car port with enclosed sides, if you like). Again, if you have done anything similar please let me know. A decently sheltered but draughty shelter/car port would be ideal!

Thanks :)
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Mike Hodgson

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Re: Dry and safe

Post17 May 2017 16:52 ... oC6HTw_wcB
A40 just fits lengthwise,bone dry in winter .Made my own hold down using two boards with hooks on each end that located over the bottom rails of the frame and positioned so the four wheels sat on the boards turning the car into an anchor for the shelter


Mike H.


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Re: Dry and safe

Post18 May 2017 21:00

Hi Mike
Do you know the size and/or model?
I will have a similar issue when my car comes home from restoration.


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Re: Dry and safe

Post18 May 2017 22:10

The Machine Mart ones look good value (and thanks for the info, Mike)

Keith Bennett

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Re: Dry and safe

Post19 May 2017 08:57

Don't forget that the main worry proposed owners of 'temporary' car shelters fear is their instability in winds - clever Mike used the weight of the car to hold his down - take note!


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Re: Dry and safe

Post19 May 2017 09:34

I got something similar from costco some years ago.
It gave very useful storage
until the cover disintegrated.
The useful life was about 10 years. For mine no replacement covers are
available. Frame work is still fine.
Advice, ask about expected cover life and are replacement covers available.

dave coe

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Re: Dry and safe

Post24 Jun 2017 09:54

Make replacement covers out of tarporline, or waterproof material off the internet, but probably as expensive a new unit and weigh in the frame.

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