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join up or look to link to the other a40 site

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Paul m

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join up or look to link to the other a40 site

Post04 Aug 2017 09:04

There is another Austin A40 Farina facebook site would it not be a idea to try to use this site to push our club iwith thd view of getting the club out to a wide circle of people.
with the hope of giving the A40 club a better presence at shows and events acoss the country

Keith Bennett

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Re: join up or look to link to the other a40 site

Post07 Aug 2017 14:56

Personally I believe that more individual sites can only be a good idea - they spread the word about A40s to perhaps a wider audience than just one, which might be in danger of becoming too unwieldy. Plus Facebook seems to be more about general chat and in that respect the two sites have attracted their own particular devotees who may - for whatever reason - be reluctant to expand the number of folk to whom they chat (my own opinion).
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Re: join up or look to link to the other a40 site

Post19 Aug 2017 19:14

my idea is to set up regional groups linked to the main page to they can share info, events etc, ive been on some of the other groups, and i got band as i was trying to promote the club. ie join the club etc so i say no to joining/linking these other so called a40 groups on that basis. and some on here will know the reasons why of which i will not comment.
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