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Chairman Ed

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Re: Recognition

Post15 Nov 2017 10:03

Thanks Mike. An interesting read.

Keith Bennett

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Re: Recognition

Post15 Nov 2017 11:20

The entire credit for our stand's recognition by this national motoring journalist falls squarely into Club member Geoff Yates' lap who, off his own bat and at his own expense, created a lovely beach scenario which was much commented on by the visitors. It included a tempting heap of seaside rock which the younger generation were encouraged to take and enjoy!

Amusingly, the neighbouring stand (Austin Counties) had invested in flood lighting, and one of their towers found itself situated partially behind a tall, white-backed display panel of theirs. This resulted in most of the light being reflected back directly across Geoff's corner and thus bathed his "beach" in golden light! If we are lucky enough to be invited next year (our 60th anniversary of the launch of the Mk1) we intend applying to our treasurer for sufficient funds to have electricity on our stand; it really made a difference.

NEC 1.jpg

The survivors! l-r, Keith,Geoff, Mervyn, Paul, Derek, Stoney, Colin & Teresa. Sadly, I'd forgotten to take my camera on the Friday when David and John came to help man the stand - sorry, chaps.

NEC 3.jpg

Geoff hovers near his wonderful seaside display. Several people actually asked where was the sand!

NEC 5.jpg

As always, stoney's "Ausy" attracted a lot of attention. Not perhaps the shiniest car in the show but one which attracted those who admired his attitude to improve the mechanicals even at the expense of the body.

NEC 7.jpg

Aha! some more regalia is sold! Stoney has a silver tongue and I'm sure there were some victims who just happened to glance at his display and, before they knew it, had been persuaded into buying something!

NEC 8.jpg

There's always some member of the public who delights in being given the chance of revisiting a driver's seat they've long forgotten about. The usual comment was "gosh, what a tight squeeze!" - forgetting of course that we were all rather slimmer than we are now ...

NEC 9.jpg

Another satisfied Club member collects some new panels for their on-going resto. The display items were admired by quite a number of body restorers for the high quality finish and thickness of the steel.

NEC 10.jpg

And finally: less than 24 hours earlier, Hall 3 was tightly packed with stands, cars and people. We needed to collect a load of stuff that wouldn't fit in our cars at the end of the show and, quite bizarrely, a small brand new two-seater sofa had been put with our stuff. We didn't dare bring it home...

ps: I've no idea how this duplicate image (below) has wormed its way into this position, but I can't find a way to delete it.
NEC 4.jpg

Chairman Ed

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Re: Recognition

Post15 Nov 2017 18:04

Fantastic pictures, thank you Keith.

Many thanks to all those who gave up their time to make this such a successful event.


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Re: Recognition

Post19 Nov 2017 23:04

Well done chaps!
It was a wonderful stand and it def had the wow factor this year!
Thanks For Friday


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Re: Recognition

Post20 Nov 2017 20:45

Great pictures. I very much enjoyed my visit to the NEC and meeting everyone on the A40 stand. Thank you for all the time and effort to make it a really successful display.

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