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In good company

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Keith Bennett

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In good company

Post06 Dec 2017 15:27

Took our '58 Mk1 for our weekly shop at Morrisons and spotted this lovely Vauxhall with an empty spot beside her. I'm always very wary of parking near - especially - large 4x4s because it seems many of their drivers have absolutely no idea where their corners are, nor how much damage their heavy doors can inflict on classic cars. Wriggling in to the empty spot, I was then able to take these couple of snaps.

two old girls together.jpg

These Vauxhalls, like the big Fords of the era, always seemed much larger in my imagination. But as you can see, compared to modern machinery she fits her allotted space with ease. And what a difference in styling compared to the Austin - look, no fins!

wot, no fins.jpg
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Mike Hodgson

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Re: In good company

Post06 Dec 2017 17:53

Another that has been "plate raped" original reg was 7262VC
Mike H.

Chairman Ed

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Re: In good company

Post07 Dec 2017 08:17

Yes, always sad when numbers transferred but at least the car survived. Two classic cars surrounded by moderns must have created a bit of interest !
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Re: In good company

Post09 Dec 2017 21:42

nice with the white walls
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