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Cross referencing of A40 Parts

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Cross referencing of A40 Parts

Post24 Jul 2018 04:25

Im wondering if there is such a thing as a cross reference chart of items used in the build of the A40. Would make sense if they built the car out of bits lying round, and already in production. In particular, are boot hinges same as early mini? and Windscreen rubber would be same as Morris Minor ?

Keith Bennett

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Re: Cross referencing of A40 Parts

Post24 Jul 2018 06:41

Hi Paul, interesting question. In 1955 Battista Farina was tasked with creating a new 'baby Austin' which would appeal to the foreign markets which BMC wanted to break into. To save money and speed up the process he used most of the established and proven mechanicals and running gear from the then current A35 and "just" put a new body on it.
I can't answer your specific questions (but I think the A40 screen rubbers are unique to the car) although I know there'll soon be my more knowledgeable colleagues on here to tell you what does and what doesn't transfer between marques.

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