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Happy Birthday, website!

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Keith Bennett

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Happy Birthday, website!

Post243012UTC ThuUTC2018-09-20T12:36:36+00:00 2018...17.52

Yep, it's six years young today and has seen over 16 thousand posts across 2,600 topics from over 400 users. It has contributed greatly to the way the Club has been able to help folk with A40 queries (and not just paid-up members either; we're happy to help anybody with a related problem).

Thanks must go to webmaster Dave the Rave and to Brynmor whose internet company at hosts us and keeps an eye on our work. Grateful thanks, chaps.

dave the rave

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Re: Happy Birthday, website!

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Thanks Keith. A milestone indeed. :D

Chairman Ed

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Re: Happy Birthday, website!

Post243009UTC ThuUTC2018-09-20T21:23:48+00:00 2018...17.52

How time flies.

As Keith states, the website has been an invaluable source of information for many and has of course assisted greatly with the organisation of club events.

Well done Dave and Brynmor for keeping the show on the road.

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