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Alma Colgan's Austin Metropolitan

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Alma Colgan's Austin Metropolitan

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I am trying to find information on this car. Can anyone help me?



Keith Bennett

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Re: Alma Colgan's Austin Metropolitan

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Hello Andrew, thanks for asking us. Some years ago this same question arose regarding Alma Cogan (note, no letter l) and her Austin. Reproduced below are the archived answers posted at that time. Hope they help.

Post15 Dec 2012 20:25
Can anyone put some flesh on the bones of the story of singer Alma Cogan's Metropolitan, the story as I understand it is that it was put in for service at a garage in Chiswick, London just before she died unexpectedly. Since no-one was available to pay the bill or collect the car it was stored, eventually ending up on the roof of the Honda (motorcycles?) building there. It would seem that it met it's end there when pushed off of the roof by vandals. I seem to recall reading it in, of all things, "Motor Cycle News" back in the late '70s, is it true, or did I dream it?
Mark J.

A wee bit of useless infomation. Alma had an Austin Metropolitan at one time.A strange looking bath tub shaped thing in the '50's.A little while back,they were re-developing the Honda U.K. building in Chiswick,West London and found this wreck of a car on the roof!Turned out to be Alma's old Met. Sadly too far gone to be saved.

Date: 12 Nov 06 - 12:04 PM
The singer, Alma Cogan, who died of cancer in 1966, owned a Nash Metropolitan. At the time of her death it was being repaired by Rambler Nash in West London. In 1982 Honda (UK), then based nearby in Power Road, Chiswick, took on the abandoned Rambler warehouse on the north circular road, and its staff discovered an old Nash Metropolitan on the top floor. Enquiries were made of the Nash Metropolitan owners' club, who confirmed that it had belonged to Alma Cogan, but that it had been kept in settlement of her outstanding repair bill. Unfortunately the car was so old and rotten that it could not be salvaged, and it was unceremoniously dumped.
Claire S.

Post15 Dec 2012 21:09
Afraid I cannot help you there Mark.However I do have another Metropolitan story---
Many moons ago I had just started my apprenticeship at Bournemouth Imperial Motors (Austin distributors).One day a Metropolitan reg 444 CHW arrived in the paint shop for the top half to be sprayed either pink or a light mauve.Two drink mats were supplied one pink one mauve as a reference.
The car had been recently sold by Terminus garage Fishponds Bristol to the joint owners the Beverley sisters twins.
They were in Bournemouth for the summer season and decided to have the car done then.They were regular visitors to the garage and went away happy with their white and pink car.
Mike H.

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