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Our Wessex Group's 30th birthday meeting

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Keith Bennett

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Our Wessex Group's 30th birthday meeting

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A wonderful gathering as always and we welcomed representatives from the A30/A35 Owners' Club (who were, I think, a little bemused by the happy anarchy and chaos of the meeting which, they weren't to know, is quite usual!) We has our normal roomful of folk although only two A40s managed to get there - I can quite understand why the others preferred the safety and convenience of their modern machinery, especially in such horrid weather morning and evening. '

Happily the middle of the day cleared by around 2pm for a couple of hours, so we could stand outside a bit and chat. Star of the meeting must be Australian Club member Peter Asquith, who travelled all the way from his home on the shores of Lake Munmoah in New South Wales just to help Terry Smith and his Wessex Group celebrate their 30th birthday. Now, that's dedication!

Tomorrow he's off to Heathrow to catch a flight down to Turin for a visit to the Pininfarina Museum there. He'd organised it some weeks ago and had, incredibly generously, invited our Club's magazine editor to join him, all expenses paid ! Said editor gently declined, claiming that it would just be too much fun to bear although he did appoint Peter as the official A40 Club's Roving Reporter and looks forward to the article in due course! But wow - what a wonderful offer.

Aforementioned editor is currently sat nursing a large G&T after a truly horrid 90-mile drive back up the A34 in rain and spray in his A40 - whose 60th birthday it happens to be today - but he promises to add some photos to this report tomorrow...

Chairman Ed

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Re: Our Wessex Group's 30th birthday meeting

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Brilliant day and great to see so many people turn up to celebrate the event.

Glad you made it home safely Keith, weather was atrocious.
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Re: Our Wessex Group's 30th birthday meeting

Post243102UTC TueUTC2018-10-16T14:46:58+00:00 2018...17.52

yes good meeting as always and good to see everyone even a30/35 guys in attendance :D
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